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Template Information:

These professionally designed, fully developed websites for the UK Estate Agency sector are presented and written in a friendly, jargon-free style. All sites are content-rich and feature-packed, covering sales, lettings & guides, interactive content and calls to action, all elegantly presented in cutting edge designs to attract a wider audience for your firm. For Estate Agents that have a financial services department our Financial & Mortgage content can be included on the site for a small charge.

The websites are sold as part of an integrated package including our Estate Pro real-time web-based Property Sales & Administration system. Each website is fully integrated with the back office system and therefore its search mechanism will always present your up to date available property stock.

For Estate Agents that already have a back office system, our templates can be purchased separately and integrated with all other available software.

Template Images

All images on your selected template will need to be replaced to avoid copyright issues. Contact us for access to a library of images which can be selected (to a value of 5 credits each). We can also arrange slideshow headers to replace fixed images at the top of the website, where appropriate. Please see Pricing and Additional Information section below for costs.

What Do I Get ?:

Estate Agency Software

Estate Pro

Estate Pro is the real-time web-based Property Sales & Administration system breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

It’s easy to use and combines power, functionality and a great looking back-end interface to deliver the Estate Agency software you just have to review. You’ll feel at home in no time with Estate Pro!
All the tools and features you'd expect


  • Choice of attractive property website templates
  • No downloads necessary - upgrades automatically applied via the web
  • Data security back up system
  • Ready-made, plug-in websites available for Surveyors, Mortgage Intermediaries and Conveyancers – all customizable to your corporate image
  • System flexibility allows modifications to your needs

and more

What does Estate Pro do?

Quite simply, it helps you to run your business more efficiently and more profitably, by providing you with the tools to effectively manage the buying and selling process from valuation to completion.

The Estate Pro property sales & administration software is geared for action.

Slick business planning tools and sales and marketing functionality combine with sound administrative controls, all designed to enhance productivity and make you look good to your customers!

Estate Pro is perfect for a single office estate agency right up to a county, regional, or national chain with multiple users per branch.



  • Real-time web-based software
  • Secure connections and authentication
  • Accessible anywhere in the world via Internet connection


This area will allow you to:

  • Record the client instructions to market their property
  • Assign the client to a branch
  • Record the client contact information and contact method e.g. via SMS, email or post
  • Record brief property information e.g. area, district, type of property and special features
  • Diarise the valuation appointment
  • Record the actual valuation details once the valuation has physically taken place
  • Obtain statistics and market information and record whether the instruction was won or lost and reason why
  • Link to valuation letters
  • Record of all history relating to the valuation of call communications and notes e.g.letters sent, phone conversations, notes etc
  • Ability to transfer the property to the live property file once an instruction has been successful
  • Search valuation or browse all valuations – using a range of filters

Applicant Registration and Management

This area will allow you to:

  • Record the applicant contact information and should there be joint applicants, record their contact information
  • Record how they would like to receive communications e.g. via SMS, email or post
  • Record their requirements which will be used to match properties from the property register
  • Record where they heard about you for marketing purposes
  • Refer them to the financial services area should they require assistance for a mortgage broker or need advise of other insurances
  • Record of the applicant solicitor if known at this time which will be need when a successful sale takes place in order for the system to instruct all relevant parties
  • Match the applicant to properties in the property register - if the applicant is in the office, the facility to go through the matched properties and discard those not right for them in the following ways:
    • List of all properties matches
    • Individual property view
    • Summary property view
  • Print property particulars in the following formats:
    • Short description details - textual only 6 properties per page
    • Short description details - with picture 6 properties per page
    • Full property details with pictures these can be produced on selected properties or all properties
  • Send property particulars via email or SMS in the above formats
  • Arrange viewings
  • Record offers
  • Applicant history including:
    • Letters sent
    • Viewing taken place
    • Comments from applicants
    • Communications with applicant
    • Offers made etc
  • Viewings list for negotiator, other negotiators or branch (selectable)
  • Search applicant register or browse all applicants via a range of filters

Sales Progress

This area will allow you to:

  • View all sales under the following categories:
    • All sales in progress
    • Sales not exchanged
    • Properties exchanged not completed
    • Sales completed
    • Offers not yet accepted
    • Sales to follow-up
  • Ability to:
    • Record a rejected offer
    • Record the acceptance of an offer
    • Record a sale fallen through
    • Record sales price revised
    • Record deposit paid
    • Record contracts exchanged
    • Record sale completed
    • NB: on all these actions above the relevant letter is automatically produced and sent out to all relevant parties as well as recorded on the history file or both applicant and vendor
  • Sales progress sheet recording all the stages of a sale as well as any notes the person looking after the sales might want to record for future reference
  • Chain details recording all the relevant information of all parties in the chain

Standard Letters

  • Comprehensive unlimited standard letters
  • Definable editable and non-editable regions
  • Automatic letter production linked to events (process)
  • Links and photos can be included within the letters
  • Letters can be dispatched via Email, SMS or Hard copy via post
  • All letters produced are recorded in the Applicant or Vendor history files
  • Letters maintained in the admin area by the Administrator


This area will allow you to:

  • To view the branch diary all employees
  • To view another branches diary all employees
  • To view an individuals diary - daily view, weekly view, monthly view
  • To view follow ups - branch or individuals display all follow ups e.g. Viewings to confirm and any follow up requested for any task
  • Ability to display only those appointment types required

Website Interfaces

This area will allow the visitors to:

  • Run a property search against the property register
  • View basic property details
  • View full details
  • View property brochure
  • View all photos
  • View virtual tour
  • View floor plans
  • Ability to request a viewing
  • Ability to contact the negotiator or agent

SMS Text Messaging

SMS is a convenient, cost effective alternative to voice messaging.

SMS popularity has grown as a result of:

  1. Cost - SMS is less expensive then the airtime used for voice calls or web access.
  2. Non-intrusive - messages are received in a discrete fashion and do not interrupt meetings
  3. Integration Capabilities – Estate Pro can be set up to send text alerts to mobile phones when urgent conditions exist.

SMS is an extremely effective marketing tool , and Estate Pro enables you to s end individual SMS messages , and when you are running property matches, send bulk promotional text messages.

Property Portals

Once you have subscribed to the portals of your choice your properties will be automatically uploaded to those portals via the system’s upload service

  • Rightmove
  • FAP
  • Zoopla
  • Fish4homes
  • Etc

Set Up

Estate Pro is web-based software which means no time consuming installation, IT support and associated costs are required.

Our dedicated teams will deal with the whole process of setting up your website and integrating your back office software for you.

Training & Support


We recommended you take advantage of at least one half day training session to help you get to grips with Estate Pro as quickly as possible.

Training can be conducted at your office or at our offices in Bournemouth. We suggest it would be advantageous for you to visit our offices in Bournemouth as we find that most people absorb the software far quicker when they are undisturbed and away from their busy agency environment

There is no limit on the number of people we can trained per session if you can make appropriate space and facilities available at your offices. Our training room in Bournemouth takes up to 10 people per session.

Pricing & Additional Information:

Estate Pro Back Office System + Website

One-time set up fee £1250.00 + vat
Monthly license fee £99.00 + vat
(per 5 users)


One-time set up fee £395.00 + vat
Monthly license fee £69.95 + vat

Slideshow Header

From £175.00 + vat for 4 images
(images included up to 5 credits each from

Graphical Promotion Areas

Work charged at £85.00 + vat per hour
(call for quote)

Estate Pro Training

Full day on-site at your offices £595.00 + vat
(travel and subsistence extra)
Half day on-site at your offices £350.00 + vat
(travel and subsistence extra)
Full day at our offices £450.00 + vat
Half day at our offices £275.00 + vat